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A history book

Billy Joel – We Didn’t Start the Fire

Many songs talk about some contemporary history. Maybe the trend started in the 70s with John Lennon, and passed through many British authors like Tears for Fears, or Springsteen in the U.S.A., and many others. But in 1989 (an absolute milestone year,

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A sad rock story

Aerosmith – Janie’s Got A Gun

Aerosmith released “Pump” in September 1989, and it was definitely one of their best albums. Two years after “Permanent vacation”, the previous album that marked a quality leap for their career, and after the happy rides of “Rag doll“.

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Uncommon love

The Cure – Lovesong

Ok, we know that when we talk about Robert Smith and the Cure, nothing can really be common! “Lovesong” reached the market at the end of Summer 1989, about four months after the release of “Lullaby“, which introduced the new album “Disintegration”.

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Reach out, touch faith!

Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

Between August and September 1989, almost two years after “Behind the wheel“, Depeche Mode released “Personal Jesus”, and this real milestone hit began its long journey. They recorded the song in Milan and filmed the videoclip in Spain, and this hit topped the charts for months and months.

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