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A black day

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30 years ago, for our generation, was one of those days you can never forget. On April 26, 1986, Italy was celebrating a long holiday weekend, in a warm sunny spring. During the morning some weird speakers appeared on tv, the ones that nobody has ever seen, the ones nobody knows, the ones with the task to announce bad news.

They were quite unclear, but started saying that it was better if, for some time, we could feed babies with dried milk only, if we could avoid eating vegetables especially those with large leaves, and other advice like that. Ah, it was also better if we could generally stay at home, what should we do outside in a warm spring, after all? Better to avoid sun, or worse, rain bathing.

They explained that in Soviet Union, in Ukraine, a small incident occurred in a nuclear plant. Nothing serious, but it was better to modify our habits for few days. Today, 30 years later, we know many things about Chernobyl, many more are definitely left unknown, the worst things will probably be unknown for centuries to come.

Sting had just included Russians in his fantastic “The Dream of the blue turtles”, in those days. He also included another song, starting from a british coal miners’ strike, where he depicted a cosmic elegy on progress, on its promises, on the radical changes that it always requires and that someone will have to pay for, and on its danger, that too often we don’t know.

One day in a nuclear age
They may understand our rage
They build machines that they can't control
And bury the waste in a great big hole
#Sting #WeWorkTheBlackSeed

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