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Last week, and thirty years ago

Dear friends, today we are going to speak about last week, rather than three decades ago. But after all it’s quite the same: you have surely read about the start of the new tour of a very peculiar and very eightish singer and woman, Kate Bush.

Kate is definitely one of a kind: despite having been a singer for 30 or 35 years,

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Will you call me or what?

Will you call me or what?

At the end of the story, we never got to know who called first. We’ve been wondering for thirty years, but who cares! At the end, what matters is that we are still hearing this song since 1984!! And in 1984 you could really hear it everywhere and in every moment!!

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Summer hits

Dear friend Dinosaurs, the mid august week is about to begin; in the 80s, on the beaches of southern Europe, it was the busiest week of the year!!
And the radios were playing always the same songs! Maybe you remember this one, the perfect summer song: absolutely meaningless, but the sound was really great for night parties!!!

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The king of summer festival

In 1984? No doubts! This guy was the king, after dropping all the one-year-old rocking rolling, he deserved a break with cigarettes and coffee…
But itìs hard to acknowledge the change in the nickname of Shalpy Scialpi, I won’t give up on this…

l’amore accende i fari nelle tenebre
la nebbia scende non ti vedo più
siamo isole nell’oceano della solitudine

#scialpi #cigarettesandcoffee

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Fighting tribes

Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Two tribes

“Two tribes” debuted in Summer 1984, just few months after the incredible success of “Relax”. I think was the purest and best period of the 80s overall. The title does not refer to particular tribes. Holly Johnson and the group said that it could be Cowboys and Indians,

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