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…for everyone

…in 1985 there was always room for Billy Ocean!

Can’t stand the thought of you with somebody else
Got to have your love, got to have it all to myself


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It’s raining stars

Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora – When the rain begins to fall

“When the rain begins to fall” actually contains just two stars. Maybe not the greatest icons of the 80s, but it’s a fact that we still remember them, and we are glad to talk about them.

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The most famous opening tune

Do you remember the opening hit of deejay television between 84 and 85? It was Taffy’s first song, she started as a chorist for Sandy Marton. And in few months, her disco career was ramping up!

Let me tell you what’s on your mind
you don’t want me,

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Guests win!

In Sanremo 1985 the contestants probably did not make history; guests were much more of stars: Duran, Spandau, Sade, Talk Talk, Chaka Khan and, the top of the challenge, Frankie Goes To Hollywood on the stage of the Ariston Theatre!
We heard it some weeks ago, but Sanremo is Sanremo!

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Sanremo 1985 / 1

Sanremo has started! I don’t think this edition will make history, like it did not in 1985, which is remembered more for guest stars than for contestants. But, looking at the last places, there is always something interesting, like this song, which ranked second last!


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Thirty years of guest stars

Dear friend dinosaurs, this week in Italy will take place the famous festival of Sanremo of Italian songs. Super guest stars this year will be Spandau Ballet… exactly like 30 years ago, with the difference that in 1985 it was Duran Duran!

Wild boys wonder where is glory where is all you angels
Now the figureheads have fell
And lovers war with arrows over secrets they could tell

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A woman for all seasons

In 1977 there was a fantastic hit called “Knock on wood”, sung by a very experienced disco star who was about 30-35 years old already. Then, later in February 1985, there was this fantastic song, “Friends”, performed by a charming soul singer, of about 60-65 years.
Later on she reappeared several times,

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The kings of 1985

“Make it big” was a real smash, thirty years ago!

If my best isn’t good enough
Then how can it be good enough for two?

#wham #everythingshewants #makeitbig

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