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This is not America!

…thirty years ago the Thin White Duke was warning us! This song was somehow scary but very beautiful!

Snowman melting from the inside
Falcon spirals to
The ground

#patmetheny #thisisnotamerica

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Covered sun

As you know this morning we had a fantastic eclipse in all Europe, but we already heard Bonnie Tyler’s song! But I tell you that thirty years ago someone already knew it all, and on Mar 20, 1985, he was entering the charts with this song that, this morning, ths sun could dedicate to the moon!

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Internet, media, audio and video

Fitz – Audio/Video

Internet, audio/video, multimedia. I read that in some sense, also internet was born in the 80s! First experiments started maybe in the 70s, it’s true, and the nets were in use for military purposes even before, but they registered the first .com internet domain on Mar 16,

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Check mate!

Dear friends, it was 30 years ago, in 1985, when a fantastic song was beginning to appear in the charts!! Extremely original, like a chess move!!! And of course, unforgettable!!!

You’ll find a God in every golden cloister
And if you’re lucky then the God’s a she
I can feel an angel sliding up to me


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Every woman

Dear friends Dinosaurs, today it’s Women’s day, and we celebrate with a fantastic song of thirty years ago. Great Divas sang this song during all these years, and since I couldn’t make my mind up, we will see this version featuring two great artists; the original singer and a big big star whom we are long missing.

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A couple of Phils

Philip Bailey and Phil Collins – Easy lover

“Easy lover” is a story of a great collaboration between Phil Collins and Philip Bailey, that is, the souls of Genesis and Earth Wind and Fire! Tune it into early 1985, and you have Easy Lover!

Philip Bailey had great success and fame as the singer of Earth Wind and Fire.

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Modern Love

You know what, Daryl? I’m worrying… all this modern stuff… what about feelings?
You’re right, John… people won’t find any way to love…

They were absolutely worried, Hall&Oates, in march 1985! But believe me, this song is still a smash after 30 years! Absolutely way too far for mortals!

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Un post di test…

…con Anna Ox!

Vi piaceva Anna Oxa?

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