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The most famous dream

it was definitely the dream you could find in music shops thirty years ago, in June 1985. The dream of the blue turtles… one of the few cassettes I bought in original.. and that after 30 years I still own !! 🙂

You can’t control an independent heart
Can’t tear the one you love apart


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Genius ohne Grenzen

Peter Gabriel – Games without frontiers

Games without frontieres. Really, nobody forgot this glamorous tv-show! Dear Dinosaurs, exactly 30 years ago maybe we spent afternoons partying in the swimming pools. Actually, in a remote village in the middle of Europe, something memorable happened. In fact, a handful of countries signed some documents which really impacted our lives of today: the Schengen Agreements.

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The king gives another try

Sandy Marton – Camel by camel

Had you been the king of summer 1984 with “People from Ibiza”, wouldn’t you try releasing one more disco hit at the beginning of following summer? After all, you have a strong team with a talent scout like Claudio Cecchetto supporting you, you are tall,

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