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Countdown to celebrity

Europe – The final countdown

“The final countdown” is much more that a fantastic hit of a metal band. Northern Europe has always been rich of heavy metal bands, compared to other zones. That’s why, in 1986, if an unknown metal group releases a new album, nobody cares about it.

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The playground is always open

The playground of Cecchetto’s friends, I mean: summer is coming, Festivalbar was about to begin, the disco clubs of all Italy were getting ready to receive girls and boys from half Europe, and here we have the summer songs of DeeJay team! Taffyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

Someone more than just a friend
You make me feel I could climb Mount Everest
You make me feel I could swim the Nile


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Hey mister, Hey Mister!

Kissing The Pink – One step

One step. Do I need to add anything? 30 years ago KTP, named Kissing the Pink, began their golden age. Only one of their albums found international success, “Certain things are likely”. It featured two great songs, the first was fantastic and we still remember it after 30 years.

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Wonderful days

I feel like we need a special song today; in May 1986 many things were moving fast, in music, in movies… We were getting ready for a fantastic summer, unforgettable movies, unforgettable soundtracks… evergreen songs and singers… who used to play that f***ing bass in fantastic groups!! Fantastic days!!

Did you look the way you wanted to look?

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Masters’ tricks

True, you had pop, italo disco… a lot to have fun with, but at the right time you also had great romancing songs like this! The hidden tricks of the masters!

Well now my door was standing open
Security were laid back and lax
But it was only my heart that got broken
You must have had a pass key made out of wax


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