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Scialpi – No east no west

“No East No West” somehow anticipated important topics by decades. Already in the eighties Scialpi had no preference between east and west, or north and south, or any continent. The great Scialpi presented this song in Sanremo four months before the summer,

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The little girl

Well, as we can see in this video, Sandra was indeed a grown up and very famous little girl! 🙂 But she was definitely a star of the 80s!

In Italy on holidays
She had to see Da Vinci’s style
All the arts for credit cards
She would forgive him for a smile


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From bananas to queens

Not the only queens of the 80s, but they definitely left an unerasable mark on the 80s, from their early songs to this unforgettable cover, and today we hear the covers of this cover! Fantastic! Siobhan, Sara and Keren still live in the 80s and have great fun (actually Siobhan is not involved),

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The magic of music

Music is made up of magic, this is clear. But 30 years ago, Jun 2, 1986, a kind of myracle happened: Queen released “A kind of magic”, one of their greatest albums, with songs like One vision, Friends will be friends, Who wants to live forever. Really a kind of magic!

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