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Summer memories

Sabrina – Sexy girl

“Sexy Girl”, in 1986, marked probably the first big hit of the Queen of 80s summer. Like in these days, summer is ending, days getting shorter, temperature getting lower… bad times. In 1986 this was a depressed period too! The only thing you could do was staying stuck to the last memories of a great summer,

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The problems of suburbs

It was really a problem already in the 80s. Suburbs, banlieues, favelas, in many zones entering a suburban zone at the wrong time can be a real danger! Of course, it all depends: if you enter Suburbia, you might end up meeting the Pet Shop Boys!!

Break a window by the town hall

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Timeless legend

We need to talk about a guy who had less success that he actually deserved. First, if your name is Thomas B. Hooker and you choose the alias of “Tom Hooker”, and years later you cahnge your real name, you deserve respect. Then, if you have experiences in US and in Italy,

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International Woman of Mystery

We already talked about this wonderful and mysterious woman. Valerie Dore was really a woman of mystery, starting from her songs, mysterious in a middle-ages theme but also in the singing voice: she was a model named Monica Stucchi, acting for the tv shows and videos… but not singing! Actually she once did,

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No return from success

Nu Shooz – Point of no return

1986 was definitely a golden year for Nu Shooz. Few months after the great success of “I can’t wait”, Valerie and John succeeded again with another song taken from their album “Poolside”. They really found a point of no return for their career: with this song they entered in the history of that wonderful decade.

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