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Happy 1987!

Dear friends Dinosaurs, 1986 is over. It was a fantastic year (definitely better than 2016!), lots of things happened and we heard a lot of great music together. What’s going to happen tonight? I’ll tell you, we are going to a party full of school friends and their friends. When the temperature gets hot,

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Dangerous soundtracks for Top Guns

Kenny Loggins – Danger Zone

1986 was ending, and in these days we were preparing for New Year’s Eve, of course. The only other topic in our days was “What are we going to do tonight?”, which is easier during winter holidays, because cinemas were loaded with great movies. The best movie was “

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Merry Christmas, Dinosaurs!

Dear friends dinosaurs, I don’t want to tell you any story today, just want to heartly wish you a Christmas full of music, maybe from the 80s, to celebrate yout wonderful wonderful days! So, wishing you a Merry Christmas… our own way!!!

Merry Christmas, Dinosaurs!

I know I’m done
when I hear the church bells ringing
and I see the smiling faces
of the little girls and boys

#christmas #xmas

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It’s a wolves’ world

a-ha – Cry Wolf

In 1986, the days of “Cry Wolf”, the world was no longer full of wolves for a-ha, after finding success one year earlier with “Take on me“, their greatest hit.

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The Minister of Energy

The Communards – Don’t leave me this way

When Communards released “Don’t leave me this way”, December 1986 was flowing slowly, yet it was going unstoppable towards a very welcomed Xmas. Music was always exceptional, we had plenty of fantastic songs and videos. And there he was; quite and shy at first sight,

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Miracle makers

It was the perfect song for this period of the year; it was released 30 years ago about in November, if I’m not wrong, and it was the perfect song for this cold, dark period leading us to Xmas. And still today it’s the perfect song!!!

There must be a bitter breeze
To make you sting so viciously
They say the greatest coward
Can hurt the most ferociously


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Natural born dancers

Maybe it’s because they were lots of fun, maybe planets have aligned when one of their songs was included in a compilation, and then a famous deejay came to know them and invited them in tv, and all England got to know them; maybe it’s because they were so cool…

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