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The beginning of the end

“Pump up the volume” marks a spot in the 80s. No doubt. In these last days of August 1987 a lot of things were coming to an end. Holidays, august, summer, which I really enjoyed, but also from the music point of view. It was like the beginning of the end of the 80s.

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A song out of time

Johnny Hates Jazz – I dont want to be a hero

“I dont want to be a hero” is definitely one of the most popular hits of Johnny Hates Jazz.

30 years ago, in August 1987, they released their second single from the album “Turn back the clock”.

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Professional vacationers

Aerosmith – Rag doll

“Rag doll” is a very good summer holidays rock song!

Don’t know whether Steven Tyler was a fan of the riviera, or the spanish coasts, or maybe the Caribbeans. Definitely, releasing on August 18 an album called “Permanent vacation” is a great move!

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Fascinating songs

Pet Shop Boys and Dusty Springfield – What have I done to deserve this?

“What have I done to deserve this” is a fascinating song. I mean, some songs are fascinating. Maybe they are not the best ones in a career, have nothing to share with all the others,

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Few, but good

Cock Robin – Just around the corner

“Just around the corner” came two years after Cock Robin’s greatest hits “The Promise you made” and “Thought you were on my side”. Cock Robin tried once more, and succeeded once more. But they consisted now just of two members,

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Not so bad

Michael Jackson – I just can’t stop loving you

“I just cant stop loving you” tells a strange story of proposals and refusals. Imagine that you search for a partner for a duet, and the first lady refuses, and she is Barbra Streisand. You serch again and the second declines,

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Pop wedding

Bananarama – Love in the first degree

“Love in the first degree” seemed perfect to become the soundtrack for a wedding. It sounded like the wedding of the decade, had it happened three or four years earlier. Dave Stewart, technical brain of Eurythmics, married Siobhàn Fahey, Bananarama’s brunette. She still looks so shy and quiet,

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