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Factory brand

Rick Astley – Together Forever

When “Together forever” startd its journey towards the top of the charts, in February 1988, it immediately gathered a great success, but it also raised some doubts. Success was clear, in fact this song reached number 1 in the US, for example. But also doubts and concerns.

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Troubles of life

LL Cool J – Going back to Cali

“Going back to Cali… I don’t think so!” Shall I really go back to California? I mean, I’d like to be back there, but girls out there are really wild, so aggressive and determined, dancing prancing, grinding, grinning, romancing! As soon as they see a rapper,

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80 and 30 and 20 more!

George Harrison – When we was fab

Few people consider “When we was fab” among the most notable hits of the 80s. Maybe among the most notable in George Harrison’s career too. But it’s definitely worth to talk about this song, not only because it went mainstream 30 years ago,

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This girl is never scared

Eighth Wonder – I’m not scared

It was Feb 20, 1988, when Eight Wonder and Patsy Kensit released “I’m not scared”, definitely one of their greatest hits. Compared to “Stay with me”, this hit was more mature, just like the look and the music of the whole group. It was definitely more professional.

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Borderless music and commitment

Sting – Ellas danzan solas

Sting released “Ellas danzan solas”, the spanish version of “They dance alone”, on February 16, 1988, included in the extended play “Nada como el sol”, which of course was the latin version of “Nothing like the sun”. “Nada como el sol” was an extended play,

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The doctors of the House

Doctorin’ the House – Coldcut featuring Yazz & The Plastic Population
Three in a row cannot be a coincidence, and when “Doctorin’ the house” climbed the charts in February 1988, it was definitely a clear signal. The house music was taking the place of pop music in new generation’s hearts.

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Perdere Sanremo

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian.

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See the sunset

Bomb The Bass – Beat dis

When Beat dis topped the charts, in February 88, it became clear that the 80s were about to end, not only from an historical point of view. Some clues were already clear in the previous years, starting with the experiments of Sigue Sigue Sputnik,

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