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Years go by

Bros – I owe you nothing

…and sometimes time helps having success, like it happened to “I owe you nothing”. Actually Bros released this song for the first time one year before, in 1987, but it found only minor success. But many things changed in the space of one year.

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When the heart is cold

Eurythmics – You have placed a chill in my heart

It took few weeks to “You have placed a chill in my heart” to reach the top places of the charts. It happened in June 1988. Eurythmics launched the third single from the album “Savage” in this very long and hot summer.

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Three divided by two

Matt Bianco – Don’t blame it on that girl

When “Don’t blame it on that girl” climbed the charts, in June 1988, we were wondering if it was the same Matt Bianco as few years before. The Matt Bianco of “Sneaking out the back door” and “Whose side are you on”,

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A tribute to rock and roll and soul

The Pasadenas – Tribute (Right on)

When “Tribute (Right on)” climbed the charts, it was June 1988. The first huge success by Pasadenas went at top positions in England, Netherlands and many other countries. The story seemed weird: an unknown group, british with American people. So american in their sounds and name,

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High five… to his career

Jovanotti – Gimme five

“Gimme five” climbed the charts in Italy between May and June 1988. Jovanotti actually launched his first hit “Walking” in 1987. The following year he released his first album “Jovanotti 4 President”. This was maybe his first hit to go up the charts. This hit marked the beginning of his career,

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