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Your past, your future

Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers – Tomorrow people

Within “Tomorrow people” there is all the meaning of time, past and future. Not only for lyrics, wondering on the past of tomorrow people, and how long they will last if there is no love in their hearts (which is a real reggae concept!).

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Always the same recipe

Transvision Vamp – I want your love

“I want your love” was the proof that the recipe for success was still valid in 1988. We talked about that: if a group wanted to reach success, they needed a good sounding song (good, not really a masterpiece), they had to create an engaging video,

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A monkey in the charts

George Michael – Monkey

Of course it’s George Michael’s Monkey. It followed other major hits like “I want your sex“, “Faith“, “Father Figure” and “One more try“. And also this song easily reached number one in the charts.

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80s Paradise

Sade – Paradise

Sade launched “Paradise” in early July 1988. She released this song as the third single from the album “Stronger than pride”. I think she liked to release singles at the beginning of the month. In fact she launched the first single “Love is stronger than pride

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Aces’ reaction

Elton John – I don’t wanna go on with you like that

At the end of June 1988, when “I don’t wanna go on with you like that” climbed the charts, Elton John was clearly an artist of the 80s, but not only of the 80s. Elton John wrote fantastic songs in the 80s,

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