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Happy and without worries

Bobby McFerrin – Don’t worry be happy

I think that “Dont worry be happy” is the perfect song for the transition from Summer to Autumn. It happened also in 1988: days getting shorter, temperatures getting lower. In those days the world of music learnt a very simple song,

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All by himself

Rick Astley – She wants to dance with me

“She wants to dance with me” is a milestone in Rick Astley’s career. For many reasons. It is the first hit in Rick’s second album, “Hold me in your arms”. He released the hit in September 1988, ahd the album a couple of months later.

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A pure talent

Tanita Tikaram – Twist in my sobriety

“Twist in my sobriety” is more than just a song for Tanita Tikaram. It’s a sort of identity document. On Sep 13, 1988, Tanita releases her first album, “Ancient Heart”. She had already released “Good tradition” as a single in the previous months.

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A very British story

Phil Collins – A groovy kind of love

Phil Collins released “A groovy kind of love” at the end of Summer 1988, for the soundtrack of the movie “Buster”, released in those days. Actually he covered a song of 1965, but he did an excellent job. That movie was not bad at all as well.

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The feelings of summer

Scialpi and Scarlett – Pregherei (Let the day)

“Pregherei”, after thirty years, remains one of the symbols and milestones of Summer 1988. When Summer was over, in September, a very popular music show called “Festivalbar” celebrated in Italy the most successful hits of the year. As we can see,

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