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Rock velvet

Alannah Myles – Black velvet

“Black velvet” is the story of an outstanding canadian girl who released her first, eponymous album in March 1989. Even if she later released in July her greatest hit, it did not take long to be at the top of all the most important charts in the world.

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Flashback from the past

Simply Red – If you don’t know me by now

When Simply Red released “If you don’t know me by now” in March 1989, it really sounded like a great flashback from the past. First, because it’s really a cover. The original version goes back to 1972.

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The American dream

Holly Johnson – Americanos

“Americanos” really features the most classical american dream, seen through Holly Johnson’s eyes. In early 1989 he released “Blast”, his first solo album. His first hit, “Love train” obtained good success, but few weeks later he released this song, which probably remains his greatest solo success of the 80s.

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Mystified albums

INXS – Mystify

Mystify is a term that applies to some albums, that really transcend the idea of time. It’s an appropriate term because these album skyrocket into history, and thus, even after more than 30 years, they are always fantastic and modern. But also because it is true that albums hit the market on a particular day,

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Real talent scout

Coldcut featuring Lisa Stansfield – People hold on

“People hold on” reminds us of Coldcut. Do you remember them? Well, I think… probably. Two British deejay and producers, making songs and album. They leveraged almost anknown singers for their songs. But often these songs became very successful, and the unknown voices became stars.

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The religion of music

Madonna – Like a prayer

“Like a prayer” marked, on March 3, 1989, one of those days when nothing is like before. On that day, Madonna released her new single. The world of music had great expectations, more than three years after her latest studio album, “True blue”,

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