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New life for music

Depeche Mode – New Life

Let’s jump back exactly forty years. We are on June 13, 1981. In hindsight, the 80s have not even started yet, we know. MTV doesn’t exist yet, it hasn’t even started broadcasting. In England, Charles and Diana have not yet married,

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A love movie

U2 – All I want is you

It was about mid June 1989 when U2 released the last single from Rattle and Hum, one of their biggest works. All I want is you followed the success of Desire,

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Love in a library

Tears For Fears – Head Over Heels

You keep your distance with a system of touch
And gentle persuasion
I’m lost in admiration could I need you this much
Oh, you’re wasting my time
You’re just wasting time


The period leading up to the summer of 1985 was,

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High and low

a-ha – Hunting High and Low

She’s sound asleep and she’s sweeter now
Than the wildest dream could have seen her
And I watch her slipping away
But I know I’ll be hunting high and low


June 2,

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Revenge for two

Eurythmics – When Tomorrow Comes

The moon is pale outside
And you are far from here.
Breathing shifts your careless head
Untroubled by the chaos of our lives.


In the first days of June 1986,

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The Queen of covers

Laura Branigan – Gloria

Italo Disco survived the 80s and became peculiar for a decisive feeling for whatever sounded like foreign, both in lyrics (mostly written in English, some in Spanish) and in the names of the artists. Then sometimes it happened that foreign artists chose an Italo Disco hit to cover it in their own language and in their own country.

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Eyes, studs, and grin

Billy Idol – Eyes Without A Face

We have said several times that the period between 1984 and 1985 was probably the purest and most intense of the 1980s. The protagonists of those months have all remained in history. And also for Billy Idol this was a very important period: after the success of the self-titled album,

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The most sensual song

Mike Oldfield (feat. Maggie Reilly) – Foreign Affair

Drifting and free
On a mystical sea
A wishful emotion
A drop in the ocean

#MaggieReilly #ForeignAffair

If you ask me what is the most sensual song of the 80s,

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Hot in the 80s

Billy Idol – Hot In The City

So many songs literally had a double life. Some very famous songs like Take on me by a-ha, or Careless memories by Duran Duran. Among these, also Billy Idol’s Hot in the city,

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