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Walking in London

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Running down underground
To a dive bar in a West End town
In a West End town, a dead-end world
The East End boys and West End girls


At the end of October 1985 a song came out that would have determined the success of a group still considered absolutely cult today.

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The song of the decade

Duran Duran – The Wild Boys

They tried to tame you, looks like they’ll try again
Wild boys never lose it
Wild boys never chose this way
Wild boys never close your eyes
Wild boys always shine


The golden period of the 1980s,

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Rapping names

Chaka Khan – I Feel for You

I’m physically attracted to you
This feeling that I got for you, baby
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
I feel for you


In October 1984 a great Rhythm’n’Blues performer who was in the second phase of her career broke into the charts and into the history of the 80s,

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Hurricane girl

Eighth Wonder – Stay With Me

The music of the 80s saw a number of female singers who were successful at a very young age, let’s say before the age of twenty. Apart from the babies Nikka Costa and Vanessa Paradis, there was a group of young girls between the ages of sixteen and eighteen who,

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Messages and answers

Feargal Sharkey – A Good Heart

My expectations may be high
I blamed it on my youth
Soon enough
I’d learned the painful truth


If you ask me which artist of the 80s had the most sensational name of all,

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Everyone has taboos…

Sade – The Sweetest Taboo

There’s a quiet storm and it never felt like this before
There’s a quiet storm that is you
There’s a quiet storm and it never felt this hot before
Giving me something that’s taboo


Everyone has their own taboos,

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Lonely Hearts

Yes – Owner of a Lonely Heart

Sometimes fate is strange, and it sends us signals. It also happened in the 80s, when every song often hid beautiful stories. In October 1983 a very particular song was released. A beautiful song, certainly, very pop … but here was its peculiarity.

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War and glamour

Culture Club – The War Song

This world of fate
Must be designed for you
It matters what you say
It matters what you do

#CultureClub #TheWarSong

The antimilitarist song wave of the 1980s included hugely successful songs,

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