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International disputes

Roxette – Dressed For Success

On June 28, 1988, a surely pleasant song was released, but only in one country, by a group that will be loved forever, and this song however had the singular destiny of generating some controversy, even though it may seem impossible today.

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Innocent return

Sandra – Innocent Love

In June 1986 a song was released that was supposed to pave the way for the confirmation of a resounding success of the previous year. In fact, in the Spring of 1985 the unstoppable success of (I’ll never be) Maria Magdalena had launched Sandra’s fabulous career.

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Timeless legend

Tom Hooker – Looking for love

Russian roulette
Take you over ’til you fall in love
Your silhouette
Hypnotizes people with eyes
Looking for love


Today we have to talk about a fantastic guy,

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Queen of Chance

Mike Oldfield – To France

It was not so common in the 80s to find songs dedicated to historical figures. At most you could find some songs dedicated to characters of the twentieth century, which was not really history, if you like. Perhaps the character who had gone further back in time was Falco who had told the life and adventures of Mozart in Rock Me Amadeus.

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Experiment failed

Elton John & Millie Jackson – Act of war

In June 1985 a song was released that was quite out of the ordinary. Not a bad song, even if it was certainly not one of the most memorable of the decade, but a song in which everything was a bit strange.

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Revolution speaks Spanish

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go

It is absolutely fair, talking about 80s music, to mention as well some good 80s punk, a genre not so mainstream as metal, perhaps because it is often politicized and against the system, despite having become famous for the aesthetic reasons,

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This song again!

Betti Villani – De nuevo tu

De nuevo tú
la incorregible
Mas dejarte no es posible
No dejarte no es posible


For many Italians,

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