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The Queen of fairy tales

Martinelli – Cenerentola (Cinderella)

And you know where she’ll go
she’s the star of the night show
Cinderella’s life will be changing every night
She’s the star, yes she’s the sight and she knows

#Cenerentola #Cinderella

If there was a queen of fairy tales in the 80s,

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Raining like crazy

The Psychedelic Furs – Heaven

And I’m standing on ice when I say that I don’t hear planes
And I scream at the fools wanna jump my train
And Heaven, is the whole of our hearts
And Heaven, don’t tear you apart

#ThePsychedelicFurs #PsychedelicFurs

In the 80s many songs mentioned rain in the lyrics and titles,

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Flying Guests

Spandau Ballet – I’ll Fly for You

Because I’ve nothing else here for you
And just because it’s easier than the truth
Oh if there’s nothing else that I can do
I’ll fly for you


Not everyone happens to be a guest in an event or a broadcast,

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A song corrida

Chaz Jankel – Ai No Corrida

In August 1980 we saw in the charts a song that had moderate success. Then, one year later, someone much more famous made a very similar version, and had a much greater success even though the two songs were practically the same.

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Streets with no name

U2 – Where the streets have no name

I want to feel, sunlight on my face
I see that dust cloud disappear without a trace
I wanna take shelter from the poison rain
Where the streets have no name


I don’t know if there is a place in the world where the streets have no name.

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Music from the Galaxy

Rockets – Galactica

I have touched down, without any sound
No life around
That is how it all began


The space travel theme was not entirely unrelated to the music of the 80s.

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