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Someone call a doctor!

Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor!

Dance with me
Across the sea
And we can feel the motion of a thousand dreams
Doctor! Doctor!
Can’t you see I’m burning, burning?


The last days of January 1984 saw the release of one of the best known and most appreciated songs for a very particular group,

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The crossings of life

Mandy Smith – I Just Can’t Wait

They said I’d be used
Lost and confused
They’ll never see you the way that I do
And I’ll go along with all that you want me to.
I just can’t wait to see you


Life can reserve unexpected things and unthinkable crossroads.

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Indians from the Far West

Moon Ray / Raggio di Luna – Comanchero

It was an old funny habit, in the 80s, when in a conversation somebody mentioned Indians, we always asked “do you mean an Indian from India or an Indian from the Far West?” and differently from what would happen today,

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The look of success

Roxette – The Look

She’s got the look
What in the world can make you so blue?
When everything I’ll ever do, I’ll do for you
And I go, “La-la-la la-la”


The Look is probably Roxette’s most famous song across their whole career.

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A song for an addiction

Huey Lewis & The News – I Want A New Drug

…but only in the title! Because it is true that the title explicitly mentions drugs, but the author of the song, the great Huey Lewis, is very clear in pointing out that this is a love song,

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Disco and DATA

DATA – Living Inside Me

One of the first memories dating back to 1983 refers to a group that was definitely less famous than others but had absolutely all the credentials to make it into the world of electronic and disco music. I have a feeling that perhaps this group lacked one thing above all,

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