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The power of names

Richard Marx – Angelia

We all know, by now, that every song tells a story, and this is a story about names. First, the name of Richard Marx. Wow! what a family name! I wonder, when you hear it, does your mind go to Groucho Marx and his brothers, or to Karl Marx? However, Richard Marx released “Angelia” in July 1989, the hit soon became a huge success. It’s a great song, of course, but I think that also this strange name added some fascination to the song.

Actually this is not an autobiographic song. Richard was happily engaged with his future wife Cynthia Rhodes (you saw her in all dance movies: Xanadu, Staying Alive, Flashdance, and she also played Penny in Dirty Dancing. So he really was not suffering the love pain he sings in the song.

If you still don’t remember of Cynthia Rhodes, I bet you’ve seen her in many videos of the 80s! Probably the most famous is Toto’s “Rosanna“. Yeah! That girl is Cynthia Rhodes!

But one day he was on a plane, and a hostess served him a drink. He read the name tag saying “Angelia” and commented about how beatiful was the name “‘Angelia”, with the stressed A. And she replied, actually it’s to be read “Angelìa”. He really went mad with this name, and the story says he was just looking for a four syllabe name for this dramatic love song.

…and here it was!

You left me to wonder
How did our love go wrong
Angelia, Where you running to now
Angelia, Got to make you turn around
#RichardMarx #Angelia

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