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Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise

She calls out to the man on the street
He can see she's been crying
She's got blisters on the soles of her feet
She can't walk but she's trying
#PhilCollins #AnotherDayInParadise

In the first days of October 1989 a great protagonist of the 80s launched a beautiful song that would open the doors to his new album, which was about to be released in a month. The album was titled …But Seriously, and it would soon become one of the finest in Phil Collins’ amazing and very long career. The beautiful song that drove the album was Another Day in Paradise.

Phil Collins is a real icon of the 80s. Now, if I have to say which artists got through the 80s from end to end without ever changing their style, I would definitely mention Phil Collins. His popularity never knew any moment of decrease, which happened for example to many pop bands. Ok, also Madonna and Prince never had down times in popularity, but Phil Collins comes from far behind, from the days of In the Air Tonight in 1980, coming through Mama, Sussudio, Easy Lover, and albums like No Jacket Required. Phil Collins literally went across the whole 80s from the first to the last day. I think only Michael Jackson in the US did the same.

Phil Collins’s career, however, had many different phases, even during the 80s, from the first singles and albums as a soloist, to songs again with Genesis like Invisible Touch, all through fabulous albums like Face Value and No Jacket Required. In the latter part of the decade, however, Phil had found himself composing slightly lighter songs, and he feared that his fans, or perhaps the new generations who were growing up, would forget or just ignore the masterpieces he was capable of composing. And so, in this historic moment at the end of the decade, Phil felt the need to make an important song, musically complete and with a certain social impact.

For this hit, and for his new album, Phil chose exactly the right time: once he had released the album, this hit went in few weeks to the top of the Billboard chart in the US, and it remained there for some weeks, about one month. But this means that this hit was the last number one of the 80s, and the first of the 90s!

Moreover, Phil Collins has always remembered how Another Day in Paradise is one of those great songs that really composed themselves: Phil sat down at the piano to try this melody he had in his head, then decided to try to sing something improvising, and the words themselves came virtually identical to the final version we all know and love

The song touches a sensible topic, homeless people. Phil was really touched after a visit in Washington, seeing lots of homeless people with Capitol Hill in the distance. He later realized that this situation was growing in dimensions even in Europe.

After this song someone criticized him, saying that Phil was well off anyway, and that his position was basically hypocritical, but Phil replied that this didn’t stop him from opening his eyes and seeing the conditions of those who are less fortunate than he was. He was also criticized by people who said that he was actually wealthy, so he had no right to talk and sing about homeless people, but Phil answered that this did not prevent him from opening his eyes and see the conditions of people who had less luck in their daily life.

On the subject, Phil went further, telling firsthand how he had repeatedly ignored homeless people who begged him for alms. Sure, Phil hadn’t done anything, as many of us often do, but he understood that his indifference, or his discomfort in finding certain situations in front of him, had still hurt people. They had deprived these people of potential little help, and it was this indifference that Phil Collins identified as one of the strongest barriers to break down in order to really do good.

Phil Collins is really a unique figure for the 80s, not only for his way of singing and playing drums, but also for the depth of his feelings and his songs. A fantastic artist who really helped shape the whole 80s.

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