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The Twins – Ballet Dancer

Anyone can see
You were made to dance for me
Won't take no - no for an answer
You're my you're my Ballet Dancer.
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Can you be twins and be born on different days and even years? Well, certainly yes, you can be twins in sports, twins at work, twins in your passions. And if your passion is music and you manage to make it a successful job thanks to the harmony with a friend and musical partner, well then you can certainly be twins, and we have a clear example.

The most famous twins of the 80s lived this very story, and I’m of course talking about The Twins (who in my opinion in their full glory were even more famous than Thompson Twins, who will become famous a couple of years later thanks to songs like Love on Your Side and You Take Me Up).

But let’s go back to the first twins, The Twins. Their story begins in Berlin, where they were both born a few years before the infamous wall was built. During their high school years they had attended the same school and knew each other because they had both founded musical groups. Sven played the guitar and Ronny the drums. Evidently they also had great consideration for each other, because at some point they get involved in a group and play together, but in 1980 they decide to leave the group and start a new one together. And so the blond-haired Ronny and the dark-haired Sven decide to go on their own and do everything by themselves, without external help, together.

And in fact they create their first songs, and their goal is clear: to make dance music, have fun, maybe become famous, earn a little, maybe meet many girls, in short, an absolutely original plan. But at this point Ronny and Sven start having songs, they start contacting record companies, but they don’t have a name yet. They had recently finished a photo session, and looking at the photos (which later ended up on the cover of their first album Passion Factory) they noticed that incidentally, they were dressed the same way, with the same leather jacket, a white shirt with a black tie, and the hair combed with the parting in the middle. In short, even if their features and hair colors were not exactly the same, they really looked like twins, and so Ronny had the idea of ​​using the term “The Twins”, which Sven liked a lot because it also emphasized their common tastes and their musical collaboration.

In February 1983 The Twins are already famous all over Europe: the previous year their hit Face To Face, Heart To Heart climbed the dance charts all over Europe, and now it’s time for their new album A Wild Romance and for the first single, which will absolutely become one of their unforgettable songs: Ballet Dancer.

The Twins’ music is beautiful, but simple. The songs are made to be pleasant and also to make people dance, although the two boys do not perceive themselves as a dance group, but more like an electronic music group (actually they were often included in the Italo Disco trend, mostly for a matter of contemporaneity). Their songs do not tell complicated stories and have no hidden meanings, but they are certainly beautiful to listen to, sing and dance to. Their videos are pretty simple too: The Twins didn’t really like shooting videos very much, so they often made videos where they basically performed the song, perhaps with a few more scenes in between. In this video, for example, there are two things that absolutely must be remembered: the first is the carillon, the statuette of the ballet dancer that occupies half a video, we can say, together with rudimentary videographic effects.

Then, the most important thing is that The Twins, perfectionists at their best, had in a certain sense also defined a stage uniform that was almost always the same! In fact, if you look for the videos of the TV programs where The Twins were guests, you will almost always see Ronny in his blue suit, and Sven in his yellow suit, exactly like in this video. Everything else is identical: white shirt, thin black tie as used in the 80s, black tissue from the pocket. In short the world of the 80s had now two more stars who were twins in their studies, tastes, music, and even in clothing!

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