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Roxette – Chances

“Chances” saw the light at the end of 1988. A period of beautiful songs, even if it was clear thar the 80s were opening the door to the 90s. Yet, a lot of artists and groups really could have found a great place even 5 or 6 years before! We can definitely count Roxette among these. They arise from nothing, or greographically from Sweden.

Their first album did not break the ceiling, but the second, “Look sharp”, was making it. They had released the first hit from this album in August 1988, “Dressed for success”. But they found the international fame with the second single, “Listen to your heart“. Maybe thay had better luck with even numbers than with odds! First album not exceptional, second album stratospheric.

First single good but second single fantastic. So now they can release a limited edition thirs single, in order to really smash the world with the following one! And so, between Christmas and New Year they release “Chances”. And they release only in few countries: Germany, France, Italy. A small party among friends waiting for the real big shot to come!!!

There's a night when you close your eyes
Around a dream that shines like the sun
Everyone knows it's beautiful
Tell me why you wanna dream it alone
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