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The Queen of fairy tales

Martinelli – Cenerentola (Cinderella)

And you know where she'll go
she's the star of the night show
Cinderella's life will be changing every night
She's the star, yes she's the sight and she knows
#Martinelli #Cenerentola #Cinderella

If there was a queen of fairy tales in the 80s, her name was certainly Simona Zanini. And she was not only the queen of fairy tales, but also the absolute queen of ItaloDisco! Perhaps to some of you the name of Simona Zanini is not very well known, even if on 80sneverend we have talked several times about her, and after all, I do not think she has ever used her real name for any of the songs she sang in the 80s; yet, we all know her, she was also the voice of the choirs of Valerie Dore in Lancelot, she was the voice of Moon Ray in Comanchero, the voice of other groups with lesser known names, but above all she was the unforgettable voice of Martinelli.

Indeed, she was in excellent company: she had met a musician and aspiring producer from Milan, Aldo Martinelli, who wrote a lot of beautiful songs, and above all took care of all the arrangements and played all instruments. Furthermore, Aldo was greatly talented for electronic music, so the sound of his songs was absolutely captivating and also innovative for the dance world in the central part of the 80s.

Aldo and Simona had met mainly because he was looking for a native English speaker, and being Simona born and raised in Kentucky with her family of Italian origin, and above all having a fabulous voice, she was absolutely the person Aldo was looking for. In addition, since Aldo could do everything else by himself, they didn’t even need other musicians or composers: a perfect combination.

And so, working on the song Feel the Drive (under the pseudonym of Doctor’s Cat) the partnership between Aldo and Simona began in 1983. A partnership that, as we said, was so profitable that it was necessary to find different art names, because it would have been very complicated to release so many records in sequence for a single group.

In August 1984 their most iconic and famous song entered the charts, and it could not be otherwise, since this song was literally a hymn in all the evenings of all the discos of continental Europe, especially Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The title of the song was Cenerentola (Cinderella). At the beginning in Italy it was mentioned only with the Italian title of Cenerentola, as reported on the cover of the disc, but since the text was in English and Cinderella was mentioned, in other countries the song is cited as Cinderella, and remix versions later came out with the double wording.

The song was definitely irresistible, Aldo’s music and electronic arrangements, and Simona’s beautiful voice were a perfect match, embellished in the remix versions by some special effects such as the cuckoo singing that strikes midnight at the beginning of the song. In short: an unforgettable success.

Cenerentola (Cinderella) didn’t have a real video, it was a song meant to be played and danced in the disco, and not so much to be broadcast on MTV, for example. Fortunately, the television programs of the time come to our aid, first of all Discoring in Italy, where Martinelli were frequent guests for a period. Even in these appearances, however, they often leveraged actors as frontman and singer, so we are not seeing the real Martinelli, who were a mysterious group indeed!

Simona and Aldo still work together today, and have united under the Martinelli brand all the songs produced with different names, and which in the various evenings dedicated to the 80s still awaken the beautiful emotions of the dinosaurs of the 80s. And at midnight, everyone at home , like Cenerentola, or better, Cinderella!

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