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A real one man band

The RAH Band – Clouds Across The Moon

“Clouds across the moon” was released on March 18, 1985, the same day as two other fantastic songs, “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears. Surely you know and recognize the melody of this song with intergalactic sounds; I’m not sure everyone remembers the name of the authors, The Rah Band.

In fact this group is famous mainly for this song, and it is a mysterious group, which never organized concerts, for example. The reason is very simple: the Rah Band was actually composed of just one person, Richard Anthony Hewson, a very important musician, composer, producer of the 70s and 80s who worked with lots of other artists.

Richard came up with the idea of making his own band, in the most complete sense of the term, and created this virtual band from his initials. Ok, you will say, but he definitely needed other people, because we are hearing someone else’s voice! But Richard had worked on his own also for this, because the voice of this song belongs to Elizabeth, his wife at the time!

He did not do any concert, but he appeared on TV, for example at Top of the Pops, where he had to involve friends, and other people to simulate a real band. And I’m not sure he even appeared in the show! A real one man band, but with others’ faces!

Anyway, the song is both beautiful and sad: in the future, a woman calls her husband on the phone. He is a pilot on a Martian base, where there is a hundred years war (Hewson himself revealed this, and he somehow overcame Nena, who in “99 Luftballons” spoke of a 99 years war. In few minutes, the woman tells her husband how hard it is to be always alone, briefly talks about their children, and hopes that he can get home quickly.

But the worst thing happens at the end of the song, when the communication breaks and she can just thank the intergalactic operator (here we see that it’s an 80s song, and also from the handsets) and sadly tell him… I’m going to try again… next year!

Ooooh...since you went away, there's nothing goin' right !
I just can't sleep alone at night... I'm not ashamed to say
I badly need a friend...or it's the end.
Now, when I look at the cloud's across the moon.
#TheRAHBand #CloudsAcrossTheMoon

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