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80’s birthday

Band Aid – Do they know it’s Christmas

Do they know it’s Christmas absolutely deserves a special recognization in the 80s. That is, if I had to choose the birthday of the 80s, I’d have a doubt. First choice could be between Jul 29 and Aug 1.

In fact, we already discussed that the 80s did not really start on Jan 1, 1980, but rather between July and August 1981, due to the Royal Wedding in London and the start of MTV broadcasting in the US.

Actually I think that a very symbolic date could be November 24, when in a single day in 1984 all the summit of British pop united in London to record a song that is not only one of the symbols of the 80s, but also one of the symbols of Christmas. So, finally, if you are reading this in November, Happy Birthday 80s, beloved decade! And if you’re reading this in December, of course Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

And there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time
The greatest gift they'll get this year is life
When nothing ever grows, no rain or rivers flow
Do they know it's Christmas time at all?
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