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A song to remember

Duran Duran – Do you believe in shame

Do you believe in shame?
Do you believe in love?
And if they taste the same would you love again
Or abandon both?
I don't think I ever can believe my friend is gone

Duran Duran released “Do you believe in shame” as a single in mid April 1989. In fact, they were about to start a new tour. The song is clearly sad and introspective. In fact, it is dedicated to three missed friends who had a role in Simon, John and Nick’s lives. Producer Alex Sadkin, Andy Warhol, and David Miles, one of Simon Le Bon’s childhood friends. And actually Simon will dedicate other songs to David through the years. In particular, the wonderful “Ordinary world” and “Out of my mind”.

As a result, the video is particular and introspective too. In addition, the Chinese director Chen Kaige will find glory in some years directing the famous movie “Farewell, my concubine”. In fact we see Nick and John in moments that have to do with religion and spirituality. They are in a church, or at a funeral. Nick wins a snow globe at an auction and then throws it in the bin. In fact, this might be an allusion to Andy Warhol, who managed to sell his properties in an auction after his death. The video is wonderful, but it did not have great success, at least in Italy.

Yet the song became very famous. I personally still love the whole album “Big thing”. It reminds me of a winter and spring that I lived intensely, with many friends but also many doubts. I started the university, my life was changing , everything was new and tougher, I started also to work, and “Big Thing” was the ideal and natural soundtrack.

So, after “I don’t want your love” and “All she wants is“, this hit was the last completely new single that Duran Duran released in the 80s, in their decade. Actually in December 1989 the Kings of Europe will release another single, but it was not really new… And finally, we will find the time to talk about it!

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