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Someone call a doctor!

Thompson Twins – Doctor! Doctor!

Dance with me
Across the sea
And we can feel the motion of a thousand dreams
Doctor! Doctor!
Can't you see I'm burning, burning?
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The last days of January 1984 saw the release of one of the best known and most appreciated songs for a very particular group, who started from the world of new wave and slowly found a way to distinguish itself with songs full of energy, a recognizable look, and also with simple but appealing videos.

Thompson Twins were entering their golden age: in 1983 their visibility had increased thanks to the album Quick Step and Side Kick and above all to the song Love On Your Side, and in the final part of the year their new single Hold Me Now brought them back to radio and charts.
The end of January was even more important for them, because within a few days their fourth album, Into the Gap, would be released, preceded by a new hit, Doctor! Doctor! (strictly written with exclamation points).

Tom Bailey, Alannah Currie and John Leeway, out of the days when they were literally living on the streets of London, were now a pop group, and just few echoes of their original new wave sounds remained – but of course also the music world had moved on, and the dark sounds of new wave still survived in the charts with groups like Depeche Mode and their dark sounds in songs like, for example, Everything Counts.

Doctor! Doctor! is a song that, in a very light way, compares love to a disease, a bit like Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi. However, the song is not about pain or suffering: it’s a cheerful and light song, even in the colors of the video that has something magical, like in a comic strip or in a pop-art painting.
In an interview Tom Bailey was asked if the title was a reference to his father’s work, who was actually a doctor, but this was just a coincidence, because the title and words were mainly the result of Alannah’s creativity.

The song was a great success and reached third place in the UK charts (Thompson Twins had never reached this high before, although in the future they will be able to do even better). Above all, this song was an exceptional push for the album Into the Gap, which will make them known and appreciated throughout most of Europe, and within a year and a half their success will even lead them to play on the American stage of Live Aid, where they will be joined by an exceptional backup singer: Madonna!

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