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The guy in denim

Nick Kamen – Each time you break my heart

Why can't you give your promise to me
Is love so blind that you cannot see
I'm trying hard not to walk out the door
Know that I, oh, know that I can't take no more
#NickKamen #EachTimeYouBreakMyHeart

In life you can become famous in many ways, some more beautiful, others more obvious. But let me tell you that even in 1986, becoming famous for a commercial where you go to a laundromat to wash your jeans, well, it took style. And from there to become a singer and an icon of the 80s… it really requires a lot of style !!! But Nick Kamen had it!

There is a very important 80s character who contributed to the birth of Nick’s star. More than a character, we are talking about the queen of the 80s, because we are talking about Madonna. Madonna and Nick Kamen were working for the same record company, Sire Records, if I remember correctly. In England Nick was quite famous as a model, and the famous Levi’s ad was just the most famous of his many appearances. Madonna had repeatedly expressed her intention to work with Nick, but it was not the right time, because she was very busy shooting the movie Who’s that girl during that period.

However, she decided to do something for Nick’s career anyway, and in particular she decided to pass him one of the songs that had not been included on the True Blue album. It was a song written by Madonna herself with Stephen Bray, one of her favorite co-authors. Among other things, the tracks that were passed to Nick also included Madonna’s voice – and I think Nick couldn’t complain about having Madonna as backing vocals on the debut single.

The production company assigned the video to director Jean-Baptiste Mondino, who had also shot Open your heart for Madonna, which was released as a single more or less in the very same days of Each Time You break My Heart. And he was really a great artist, because he had also directed Slave to Love for Bryan Ferry and Russians for Sting. the video is weird but beautiful, with Nick singing in an empty bar at 4 am on a Wednesday, surrounded by few sleepy attendees.

It was a success: Each time you break my heart came out in November 1986, hit the top ten across Europe, and launched Nick Kamen into the Olympus of 80’s icons. Nick then found success with other songs, but overall he always felt a little bit limited from his beginnings as a model. Basically, he thought it was difficult for people to consider him as a singer, after his modeling career.

Nick Kamen, considered a person of great heart and talent by everyone who knew him, unfortunately passed away on May 5, 2021, after a long struggle against a disease. In our memories and in our hearts he will always remain that guy in denim, who he also became even more famous as a great singer and an absolute icon of the 80s.

One thing I want to share with all 80s lovers: after his death, I witnessed so many declarations of love for Nick through the 80sneverend pages and assets. He might not have been the most prolific superstar of the 80s, but I am sure he was one of the most beloved artists. Rest in peace, guy in denim!

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