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Drum Theatre – Eldorado

We can build this so well up so high together, New World
We can build it up and it would last forever
Eldorado, hear the story that you're told
If you need a dream you'll find a land of gold
#DrumTheatre #Eldorado

A new name appeared in the first hit parades of January 1986. It was an English group that had not only found the right song to make it big, but had also worked on the look and style of all the members. Which also had a peculiarity: in addition to playing other instruments, everyone in the group played percussions. And not normal percussions, but particular drums, some were even instruments of Andean or Peruvian origin. And the drums were so important to this group that they even mention them in the name, Drum Theatre.

And surely we all remember Drum Theatre, because in addition to the sounds of their great hit Eldorado, their first single and greatest success, they had a wild and somehow tribal look. Among the six members of the group two had a greater importance, because they actually composed the songs. We are talking about Kent Brainerd, who also played keyboards, and the voice of the group Gary Tarn (at the time the name was also spelled “Gari” with the “i”). Tarn was also a sort of choreographer of the group, and he is the most prominent character in the Eldorado video. In all the songs, however, there was only one author named, “Kentarn” a kind of trademark composed precisely of the name of the keyboardist Kent and the surname of the singer Tarn.

The song was beautiful, very rhythmic, as we could expect from a group called Drum Theatre, and accompanied by a video that is a hymn to freedom, with hair in the wind and energy at will, in a studio that recreates the prairies from Mexico or South America (we understand this from the cactus plants). Eldorado even topped the charts in several countries, including Holland.

However, things did not go well for the Drum Theatre, because shortly after, while they were starting to work on their first album, a number of conflicts arose between the members of the group, which soon split into two parts, and only three of the six original members remained, including the two authors. It took a lot of time to digest the event and get to the realization of the album, almost three years. And by the time the album Everyman came out, Drum Theatre’s fame had faded a lot, and it was impossible to recover the lost ground with the other songs on the album.

Today the traces of the Drum Theatre have been a bit lost, but not those of singer Gary Tarn, who has created a new life as a director and filmmaker and has had great success, obtaining several awards in the years between 2005 and 2010, including a nomination for a BAFTA award, the British Academy awards for film and television programs.

So, in a short time Drum Theater thanks to Eldorado became a fixed presence of all the parties and dancing evenings (and even many afternoons, to tell the truth) in that beginning of 1986 which thanks to them immediately became full of sounds and colors, elements in which the Drum Theatre were truly ruling the game! Sha-ba-dee, sha-ba-dah

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