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Paul Young – Every Time You Go Away

Hey, if we can solve any problem, then why do we lose so many tears
Oh and so you go again, when the leading man appears
Always the same thing, can't you see
We've got everything goin' on and on and on
#PaulYoung #HallAndOates #EveryTimeYouGoAway

We all know how important it is for each of us to find the right spaces. Even in the literal sense, that is, the space between the letters and the words of a song! In fact, this is the story of a song that between one version and another, has literally managed to find space for success.

Everytime you go away is a beautiful song born in the US in 1980, written by an artist I greatly admire, Daryl Hall, voice of the duo Hall&Oates. They included it on their album Voices and fans really loved and appreciated the song at concerts, but Hall&Oates never released it as a single, so its release was certainly limited.

In the space of five years, however, the fate of this song changed: on this side of the ocean the great Paul Young decided to make a cover, and he first decided to fix the spelling of the title adding the missing space. And so the song became Every time you go away, with the space between the first two words.

Actually Paul Young did not only add a space, but also changed the arrangement, adding Pino Palladino’s bass and even an electric sitar.

The song finally came out as a single. In fact, it’s late February 1985, and Paul Young chooses it as the lead single from his new album, The Secret of Association. To be honest, he had previously released I’m going to tear your playhouse down and Everything must change, which will also be included in the album, but the release of the album is scheduled exactly a month after the release of this song, therefore its impact will become fundamental.

His previous album, No Parlez, had found an incredible success thanks to hits like Wherever I lay my hat, Come back and stay and of course Love of the common people. Paul Young, now almost in his thirties, had become one of the most important names in the whole British pop universe. It is no coincidence that only three months earlier, Bob Geldof asked him to sing the opening verses of Do they know it’s Christmas .

Finally, being now released as a single, the song also has a video: a peculiar original video, sometimes shot in a studio and sometimes taken in some concerts, although several concert scenes might seem a bit artificial as well.

Every time you go away (with space) will reach number one in the US and fourth in the UK. It certainly remains one of the greatest interpretations in the beautiful career of Paul Young, a true icon of the 80s.

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