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Duran Duran – Hungry like the Wolf

Strut on a line it's discord and rhyme
I'm on the hunt down after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And I'm hungry like the wolf
#DuranDuran #HungryLikeTheWolf

May 10, 1982 is a date that 80s lovers cannot forget. On that day, Duran Duran released an album that would change the pop history in Europe. With their first album Duran Duran certainly made themselves known and appreciated, but the amazing success of the album “Rio” set the stage for their great leap towards worldwide success and fame.

They released this single on the previous week, and it had found with resounding success. Six months earlier they had released another single, “My own way”, which had been a bit of a bridge between the two versions of Duran. The new romantic look of “Planet Earth” seemed decades behind, compared to the glamorous look that Duran Duran showed in “Hungry Like the Wolf”. Something from the first album remains: maybe it’s the “bop bop bop” of “Planet Earth” that now becomes “tu ttu ttu ru” in the new song, but otherwise, a lot has changed.

The song is loosely inspired by the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, but only because it speaks of chases, hunting, and of course the wolf. In fact Simon Le Bon had already understood that the coherence of the text was a very secondary aspect: the important thing was to use words and phrases that sounded good and were kind of weird. And he did it great.

This song, according to the Duran themselves, was composed in a very short time, probably within an afternoon: everyone had a clear idea of what to do with their own instrument, and Andy Taylor added an extra touch: passionate about music and electronic instruments, he connected some new instruments produced by Roland, including electronic drum machines and synthesizers , and this led to new, modern, irresistible sounds. The creativity of the group now had no limits, and in fact this album was full of pearls, such as “Save a Prayer”, “The Chauffeur”, “New Religion” and the same “Rio”.

The laugh at the beginning of the song and the moan at the end were courtesy of Nick Rhodes’ then-girlfriend.

The video contributed to the success of the song and the album. Once again directed by the great Russell Mulcahy, it was filmed in Sri Lanka, with crowded local sceneries that duran Duran threw upside down, and jungle chases. A bit of Indiana Jones and a bot of Apocalypse Now, in short. The Durans are all chasing for the wolf Simon, but in turn he is engaged in another, more sentimental chase. And in many scenes Simon wears a hat that really wasn’t supposed to be there. Before that round of scenes Simon relied on a local hairdresser to freshen up his sunstrokes, but the girl felt the emotion of the moment, and hair came out of an unwatchable orange. And so Simon wore a hat.

“Hungry like the Wolf” entered right into pop history and Duran Duran history, and many years later it remains one of the most beloved songs by fans, a song that they must sing in every concert.

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