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Nu Shooz – I can’t wait

Happiness, is so hard to find
Hey baby, tell me what is on your mind
'Cause I can't wait till you call me on the telephone
I can't wait till we're all alone
#NuShooz #ICantWait

When, in May 1986, the first Nu Shooz’s hit entered the hit parade, I fell imediately in love with this name, written a bit like a slang, and with the final z. If their name doesn’t make you jump in the chair, I recommend you read this post all the way through and finally listen to their song, and you’ll jump instantly from the chair! Yes, because “I can’t wait” really became one of the most iconic songs of the second half of the 80s.

In fact, it had been released as early as 1985, but its success remained limited to the area of the northwestern United States, the home of Nu Shooz, who come from Portland, Oregon. It must be said that Nu Shooz actually had a lot of experience, because the group of John Smith, Valerie Day and a lot of friends who played with them existed since 1979 and was well known in that part of America.

The song was the result of several months of work, and Nu Shooz had already made it almost perfect, but sometimes destiny has the last word. A Dutch deejay heard the song, sampled Valerie’s voice, and essentially added that arrangement that makes it characteristic, and a slight stuttering effect, that says “I-I-I can’t wait”. And the song was definitely ready to go into the history of the 80s: I would say that it is really an example of the characteristic sound of the 80s!

As we know, the song had fantastic success. The lyrics are simple, about a girl who can’t wait to see or hear her love, and all in all it must not have been difficult to find the topic, since John and Valerie still are a couple even in life and have been married for many years.

The video is weird and full of interesting elements, and it was really iconic and had great success at the time. I am particularly fond of this song and Nu Shooz because a while ago I had the opportunity to contact them, and I was able to ask some questions to Valerie, who was very kind and really allowed me to travel through time: I clearly remember that at two o’clock in the afternoon there was a music program on tv, and I was doing my homework while she was singing on television with this video. It was an emotion to be able to talk to her about it, and I suggest you read the little interview she gave us 🙂

Finally, some statistics for social lovers like me. Nu Shooz calculated that somewhere in the world every 11 seconds there is a radio that still puts “I can’t wait”! Great! The funny thing is, in fact I’ve heard this song several times maybe while walking into a store! Really a symbol of the 80s!

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