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A piano in the Gazebo

Gazebo – I Like Chopin

Remember that piano
So delightful, unusual
That classic sensation
Sentimental confusion
#Gazebo #ILikeChopin

Probably, the word gazebo today reminds of white wooden structures in healthy families’ gardens used for parties and weddings, but in the 80s, when we talked about Gazebo, the thought went only to a fantastic artist and his songs.

This time a little exotic feeling is justified, because Gazebo is a sort of citizen of the world: his real name is Paul Mazzolini, but he was born in Beirut to an Italian diplomat and an American singer.

The meeting with dj and producer Paolo Micioni (who during his career will lead among others the projects of Mike Francis, Amii Stewart, and many other italian artists), brings him straight to success and between 1982 and 1983 Gazebo releases an eponymous album and three singles that land directly in Italian and international charts: Masterpiece, Lunatic and, of course, I Like Chopin.

Gazebo wrote himself the lyrics of “I Like Chopin”, on the music created by Pierluigi Giombini (or John Bini, as he sometimes chooses to transform his name, in order to look less Italian and more of a foreigner); it is the same winning duo that in 1983 created another hit that ended up for a long time in the top ten of many countries: “Dolce vita”, by Ryan Paris (real name Fabio Roscioli, another icon of ItaloDisco). Giombini composed the piano notes of the song, and in the 80s a urban legend spread the voice that they were composed by Chopin.

“I Like Chopin” is a triumph: it ranks first in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria and reaches the top ten in a lot of places around the world (including Japan).

We can now tell it without any doubt: we are talking about an eternal song, which will always remain a benchmark to establish the success of a hit and will always live in the nights of many disco clubs, when it comes to real 80s classics.

It is an evergreen: in Spring 2020 Gazebo proposed a new version (Corona Version), dedicating it to doctors and nurses committed to the worldwide pandemic.

Like its creator, the idea behind the lyrics is not trivial: it is the story of the passion between the French writer George Sand and the great Polish musician Fryderyk Chopin, narrated from the point of view of the woman. 

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