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The perfect Christmas song

Wham! – Last Christmas

A crowded room, friends with tired eyes
I'm hiding from you, and your soul of ice
My God, I thought you were someone to rely on
Me, I guess I was a shoulder to cry on
#GeorgeMichael #Wham #LastChristmas

Dear friends, for us Dinosaurs of the 80s, Christmas undoubtedly reminds us of George Michael. Not only because with this fantastic song he has been leading us to Christmas for more than 30 years, but also because he left us exactly in the evening of December 25, 2016, therefore connecting himself forever to the Christmas day.

Last Christmas is the perfect Christmas song. It was released on Dec 3, 1984, just in time for the most fantastic Christmas of the whole decade, from the music perspective. George and Andrew went to visit George’s parents in a summer afternoon, and Andrew watched a football match on the TV with George’s father. George went upstairs in his childhood bedroom, and quickly wrote the song. And he later played all instruments and recorded it almost by himself; Andrew also had a fundamental role: when he first heard the song, he commented “It’s a wonder!” 🙂

Actually, if we think about it, is not really a Christmas song. At least, not explicitly a love and happiness greeting song, like Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas, to be clear. In fact it mentions Christmas, but as a holiday period in which to spend holidays with friends and loves. And loves that go their way, if it is true that a year later, the girl in George’s heart directed her feelings towards new horizons.

The song did not reach number one in the charts; in the same days, in fact, Band Aid released Do they know it’s Christmas, featuring George Michael as well, and the team behind Band Aid was fairly too strong. So this hit achieved the result of becoming the most successful hit ever which did not reach number one in the charts.

The video is a masterpiece too; whenever I see it I appreciate more details! Andrew’s girlfriend, the black haired girl, was George’s girlfriend the previous year. He gifted her with a jewelled brooch, and now the brooch is upside down on Andrew’s suit! She recycled it! 🙂 The video is fantastic, it obviously features Wham!’s additional voices Pepsi and Shirlie, and also Spandau Ballet’s bass player Martin Kemp, who was Shirlie’s boyfriend at the time… and still today is her beloved husband!

I might be wrong, but Last Christmas is probably the last video where we see George Michael without wearing a beard.

In the video, the girl was interpreted by Kathy Hill, a famous model who is still working on TV and newspapers as a fashion model, and still looking great (but she is currently blond-haired). As we can see from the cabin, the video was shot in Switzerland, in the glamorous sky resort Saas-Fee, within the Valais Canton, not far from Zermatt and from the Italian border.

For all these reasons Last Christmas is the perfect Christmas song of the 80s!

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