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A box full of surprise

Living in a box – Living in a box

I sometimes wonder what's moving underground
I'm escaping
I've found a way to break through this cellophane line
Cause I know what's going on in my own mind
Am I living in a box?

“Living in a box” is the story of the song and of a group. In 1985 three musicians sign with a major and create a new group. They don’t really have a name for this group. They compose a song, sounds good, the title will be “Living in a box”, so they decide to leave it in the box for a couple of years while they find the name for their group.

In 1987 they finally find the group name: it’s going to be “Living in a box”, just like the song that they can finally release! The song is a hit, but in the meantime they wrote other songs, so they now have a full album ready. But they don’t have a title for the album, so they are going to call it “Living in a box”.

I love unpredictable people! And they dared to face the curse of the eponymous! This really proved to be the worst decision that a group could made when deciding the title for a new song! No pop band of all the 80s could survive the Curse of the eponymous!!! But fate has granted them a place in history, anyway, and after such a long time this song is still one of the preferred by all GTA players 🙂

So they finally release the song and start their career in late March 1987, on the very same day when Johnny Hates Jazz release their debut hit “Shattered dreams“. A day full of great debuts! But we are still in the 80s, and this is something that used to happen in the 80s!

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