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Alison Moyet – Love Resurrection

Show me one direction
I will not question again
For a warm injection
Is all I need to calm the pain
#AlisonMoyet #LoveResurrection

Artistically, at the end of 1983, Alison Moyet literally changed her life. In fact, following the disbandment of Yazoo, Alison decided to break away from Vincent Clarke, who shared with her great hits like “Nobody’s diary” and “Don’t go”, and started a solo career.

Actually she had to wait a few months because of legal disputes over her new contract with CBS, so it took a little longer than expected; once the legal issues were settled, CBS put Alison in touch with musicians and producers Steve Jolley and Tony Swain, who in those days often climbed the charts writing song, for example, for Bananarama and Spandau Ballet, and I just mention “True“.

In her new experience Alison felt free to do what she liked most, that is, writing lyrics and singing; and indeed this new situation was a great boost for Alison’s creativity.

“Love resurrection” was the first single from the first album of Alison’s solo career. The album was to be released in November under the title “Alf”, which actually was then Alison’s nickname.

Of this song, Alison remembers that some verses of the lyrics were born almost by accident: in fact, some sentences came out during an argument on the phone with a friend. Alison later went to sleep repeating these phrases of the discussion, and was so impressed that she phoned Jolley and instantly reported him about the words.

After a short time, the producer recalled her with the music he had written around those words: that evening one of the most beautiful songs of the 80s was born, and it finally came out in June 1984.

The video for “Love resurrection” is unforgettable: it was shot in the desert of Israel and depicts really fantastic scenes and landscapes, with Alison perfectly placed in an unusual but extremely fascinating context.

“Love resurrection” made it into the UK top ten and certainly had the merit of launching Alison Moyet’s fantastic career: in fact, after many years it remains one of her most beloved songs by all 80s dinosaurs like us!

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