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Sade – Paradise

Sade launched “Paradise” in early July 1988. She released this song as the third single from the album “Stronger than pride”. I think she liked to release singles at the beginning of the month. In fact she launched the first single “Love is stronger than pride” on April 2, and now she does it again on July 2nd. I think she is a very precise woman.

With this album, Sade found again a golden age. Not only “Paradise” climbed the charts to the top, but it is still considered one of Sade’s signature songs, together with “Smooth Operator” and “The sweetest taboo“.

I think Sade is probably the finest and most elegant artist of the 80s; nobody, really nobody, ever dared say anything bad about her. Her music is always so fine yet pleasant; her lyrics so peculiar but also direct and engaging. And, thirty years later, Sade kept all of her charm and her charismatic presence.

I'd wash the sand off the shore
Give you the world if it was mine
Blow you right to my door
Feels fine
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