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A reckless guy

Afrika Bambaataa and Family feat. UB40 – Reckless

“Reckless”, his most commercial song, made Afrika Bambaataa famous in the whole world, in the first part of 1988. Thanks also to the featuring of UB40, this hit climbed quickly all the charts. We also have to say that this hit was fantastic! Actually Afrika Bambaataa was definitely not an ordinary guy: he was already a successful artist in the Bronx scene, when he won in a contest a trip to Africa that really changed his life.

He got in touch with the Zulu culture, and was so fascinated that he no longer abandoned that style of life and values. He borrowed the name of Zulu chief Bambhatha for his scene name. Afrika finally created the “Zulu Nation”, probably the most famous hip hop crew in the world.

To be honest the Zulu Nation was much more than that: a group of rappers, deejay, artists of the hip hop scene, who were socially and politically aware and committed to cultural change.

For example, Afrika Bambaataa found a first wave of general popularity in 1985 when he collaborated on the creation of “Sun City”, a protest song about the “Montecarlo of Africa”, a resort of unbridled luxury and gambling, reserved for white people in the heart of South African homelands.

And Afrika left his mark. He was mainly a social and political leader up to few years ago, in addition to his life as a hip hop artist and deejay. His career as Zulu Nation chief had to interrupt because of heavy personal allegations, but his talent as an artist remains undeniable.

'Cause the sound we deliver
Will take you higher
Most definitely with
Desire, desire, de si si si sire
You make me reckless, reckless everyday
#AfrikaBambaataa #UB40 #Reckless

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