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Vicious rumors

Timex Social Club – Rumors

I'll think I'll write my congressman
And tell him to pass a bill,
so the next time they catch somebody
starting rumors, shoot to kill
#Rumors #TimexSocialClub

Very special group, the Timex Social Club! They were quite famous in the San Francisco area, especially on the hip hop scene, but for the rest of the world they were a bit of a meteor, although they were certainly very cool. Their line-up was always quite fuzzy, and there was a decent turnover among the group members before they found international fame. In a way it is also difficult to say how many they were, say between three and five, depending on the period.

In September 1986, this fantastic song, “Rumors”, from the album “Vicious Rumors”, spelt on the record sleeve in the American way without the u, was climbing the charts. Great song, we said, very soulful but also very 80s, definitely arranged and interpreted very well. The video was certainly cool, and combined cartoons with fairly simple scenes from the group members.

The song had a very specific theme: gossip. The text explicitly mentions a Michael who is rumoured to be gay, there is talk of a Tina who is a little too loose, and in the end there is a gossip even for the protagonist with the girl next door. The fame, however, did not calm the turbulent existence of the Timex Social Club: shortly after the great success of “Rumors”, in fact, they split up, and from there the Club Nouveau were born (remember their hit “Lean on me“), but definitely someone remained in the Timex Social Club because they have a Twitter account!!

Rumors, however, was really a beautiful song, and with fantastic lyrics, which I would gladly award the special jury prize of 80sneverend!

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