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Tracy Spencer – Run to me

You say you're sorry and you think
That maybe we can work it out this time
Although I love you desperately
There's something here that makes me change my mind
#TracySpencer #RunToMe

The generation of Dinosaurs who grew up in the 80s had a lot of virtual sweethearts in the music world. Irresistible, these girls always carried a load of energy, freshness and often sympathy, as well as an indisputable beauty.

Probably that the first sweetheart came from France, even if she of Portuguese origin and Belgian by adoption, and we are talking about the beautiful and very sensual Lio, who with Amoureux Solitaires in 1980, and then with other songs, permanently occupied our young hearts. A few years later Madonna’s American passion overwhelmed us with such videos as Like a Virgin, then it was the turn of Samantha Fox, of course, irresistible in her interpretation of Touch me (I Want Your Body). The last was probably, also from England, Patsy Kensit, an unexpected cyclone in a miniskirt who in a video arrived late in the studio to sing Stay With Me.

Between Samantha and Patsy, there was another English girl who became a queen of hearts, radios, vinyls and cassettes, even if her fame did not come from England but from Italy, and she was Tracy Spencer, who in the first week of May 1986 climbed the Italian top ten with her irresistible hit Run to Me.

The story of Tracy and the story of Run to Me are in fact quite different, but at a certain point they met, and everything fitted together beautifully. But let’s go in order.

The song Run to Me had actually been written some time before, and had also already been sung, but certainly with less success. In fact, about one year earlier, in the summer of 1985, the original version was released by a guy named Ray Foster, probably a stage name, given that the other authors were Italian. This version is on youtube: it’s not bad, it’s certainly a little slower than Tracy Spencer’s version, and the chorus plays on the alternance between the female backing voices and Ray’s voice. But as mentioned, this version never became popular.

In October 1985 Italian producer Claudio Cecchetto decided to re-record the song with a different voice, and he remembered Tracy, and their random meeting. Yes, because Tracy Freeman (this is Tracy Spencer’s real name, while the stage name invented was obviously reversing the name of the great actor Spencer Tracy) some time before had gone to Bologna with a friend to attend a music competition. In fact, she was looking for some popularity and visibility, and she had also managed to participate in some films with minor roles.

While she wandered around with her friend between stage and backstage looking for some meeting with famous people, Tracy saw and recognized a tall blond guy that she had met while clubbing in Ibiza. He screamed “Tracyyyy!” and she replied “Sandyyyyy!!”

Oh yes, because the tall guy was Sandy Marton, the famous People from Ibiza guy who shortly after introduced Tracy to his friend Claudio, and this fortunate circumstance will change the history of the 80s and the Italo-disco.

Cecchetto entrusted Tracy Spencer with the remake of Run to Me, and the rest is history: the song will participate to a music television contest, from there it will enter the charts, then it will be included in Festivalbar, the most famous Italian summer hit show, and at the end of the summer our Tracy, irresistible beauty and energy to sell, will not only become Italy’s sweetheart, but she will be one of the winners of Festivalbar… and she will become forever one of the unforgettable queens of the 80s.

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