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Losing control

Raf – Self control

You're makin' me forget to play my role
You take my self you take my self control
I I live among the creatures of the night
I haven't got the will to try and fight
#Raf #SelfControl

It became quite normal, during the nights in summer of 1984. Those were the days when the “Italo-Disco” was in its heyday, thanks fantastic disco hits like Albert One’s “Turbo Diesel“, “Cinderella” by Martinelli, “Movin’ on” by Novecento, “Disco Band” by Scotch and many others; then, at the end of May 1984, the first song of a guy called Raf came out, and it was a fantastic success.

Raf was born with “Self Control”. Today we know that he had a beautiful and long career with songs that have remained in everyone’s heart, especially in Italy, like the song that basically speaks of us and what will remain of the 80s, or many others. In 1984, however, Raf was an unknown young man, certainly with a good voice, and with a really irresistible song.

And in fact, the song doesn’t say much more than this, how easy it is to lose control seduced by the fascination of night and music. But it doesn’t matter, it’s really an irresistible song that stayed at the top of the charts for months. I don’t even ask if you remember the video: actually the video did not exist! The song became an incredible success thanks to radios and discos, and only later the producers needed to create a video, so that it could be shown in the earlier musical TV-programs. And in fact the video is basically a shot of Raf singing, with very modest effects, and nothing more. There’s no story, there’s no setting, there’s nothing at all, and it’s a shame, given the song’s resounding success. In fact, not only did Raf sell more than twenty million copies and topped the charts in half of Europe, but it was also awarded the most coveted prize: after a few months this song was covered by the serial copier of the 80s, the good and unfortunate Laura Branigan, who knew how to make a different version, but very respectful of the work of the original authors.

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