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Depeche Mode – Shake the disease

Nobody knows me as well as you do
You know how hard it is for me to shake the disease
That takes hold of my tongue in situations like these
Understand me
#ShakeTheDisease #DepecheMode

April 29, 1985 was one of those days that could only happen in the 80s. One of those days when, for the jokes of fate, two or three songs were coming out and were really destined to make history. And the funny thing is, there have been a number of days like this!

Our story begins in Basildon, a place not far from London, on the left bank of the Thames Estuary. In Basildon four guys, in the early 80s founded a fantastic group that really set the stage of new wave and electronic music, we are obviously talking about Depeche Mode.

Actually, of the four boys, only one was born in Basildon, Vincent Clarke. But in 1985 Clarke had already left the group to found another one, with a girl from Basildon, the legendary Alison Moyet. They fonded Yazoo and created hits such as “Don’t go” and “Nobody’s Diary”.

It is a fact, however, that Vincent Clarke had given a direction to Depeche Mode, and they kept it until 1985. In fact, they understood that a turning point was approaching, both because the new wave was generally losing appeal, and because they felt ready for a different phase of their career, and for a new turning point.

And so they drew a metaphorical line with the collection “The Singles 81-85”, which contained two unpublished hits, “Shake the Disease” and “It’s Called a Heart”. The next album would be called “Music for the masses” and would introduce a new phase of their music and creativity, less niche and more oriented to techno pop.

“Shake the disease” really became one of Depeche Mode’s signature songs. The text is not trivial, and nothing of Depeche Mode is. We remeber the video for the images of people falling, a result of the experience of director Peter Care, who also directed “It’s called a heart” and “Stripped”.

Overall, a song that definitely remained in the heart and memory of all 80s lovers. And as we said, another song came out the same day… but that’s another story!

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