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The first impression

Mel & Kim – Showing Out (Get Fresh At the Weekend)

You'd better live in love than luxury, it's alright
And don't be dining out on foolish dreams every night
O-o-only takes a moment to feel alright
Get fresh at the weekend, showin' out
#MelAndKim #ShowingOut

The first impression is always fundamental, and we cannot afford to fail! Mel & Kim knew this very well, sisters in art and life of Anglo-Jamaican roots, although one also liked to say the surname, Appleby, while the other stretched out a veil of mystery. Pop stars in the purest SAW (Stock Aitken Waterman) style, pleasant, good and international at the right point, they had a career in front of them, with a number great successes, of which “Showing out” was the first. A career unfortunately interrupted by fate, which took away poor Mel in the early 90s, only 23 years old.

Mel, before giving herself to music, had also worked as a model, and had contributed fundamentally to the look of both, who addition to being very beautiful were also always absolutely elegant, of a style that detached sharply from the stereotypes of the 80s and perhaps introduced the first 90s-like concepts of contamination between high fashion and urban street wear.

Their heyday was definitely lived under the sign of the three British producers who changed the music of the late 80s. Before changing producers and meeting Stock Aitken and Waterman, Mel and Kim already had a song ready, “System”, with which they wanted to debut. When Pete Waterman heard it, he looked at the two girls, young, dynamic and full of energy, and decided that the song was too soft, and didn’t reflect their personalities and their desire to split the world.

Waterman then stopped the project of printing the record (we were still in the vinyl era), and asked his teammate Mike Stock to write a song that would be more suitable for Mel and Kim’s image. And so “Showing out” was born, which from the title makes clear the concept of introducing themselves to the world. The song “System” was used as the B-side.

It was a super success: “Showing out” reached the top of the charts all over Europe, and their fantastic career boosted off! They really presented themselves in the best way!

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