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Strange behaviour

Duran Duran – Skin trade

When Duran Duran released “Skin trade” in February 1987, we all thought that it was a great title. I mean, the title was weird, some sort of provocation. But it sounded well, few months after “Notorious“, another weird title.

But This title has a really weird story! Not only people, even songs do have strange behaviours. Duran Duran are composing the Notorious album, the music for this song is ready since weeks, sounds good. Lyrics are missing, yet they find a headline: John Taylor in those days is reading a novel by Dylan Thomas, “Adventures in the skin trade”. Sounds good.

Then, slowly, Simon Le Bon writes the lyrics, with this fantastic verse, would someone please explain the reason for this strange behaviour? And then, a simple, hypnotic video with a gorgeous supermodel, Tatiana Patitz, Cyndy Crawford’s rival. But the song is a worldwide success.

Everything is so good now for Le Bon, Taylor, Rhodes, Ferrone and IronMan Cuccurullo, that even the tour is finally named “Strange Behaviour Tour”! I mean, these stories could happen only in the 80s!!!

Doctors of the revolution gave us, the medicine we desired.
Besides being absolutely painless it's a question of compromise
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