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Billy Idol – Sweet sixteen

Someone's built a candy castle for my sweet sixteen
Someone's built a candy brain and filled it in.
And I do anything for my sweet sixteen
Oh, I do anything for little runaway girl.
#SweetSixteen #BillyIdol

“Sweet sixteen” is one of the sweetest song of an aggressive guy. Or maybe, aggressive just at a first glance, like Billy Idol.
We talked other times about him, and in mid June 1987 he was releasing this fantastic ballad, “Sweet Sixteen”, third single out of “Whiplash Smile”, one of his best albums, after “To be a lover” and “Don’t need a gun“. And maybe, left alone studs and rivets, in this video we can see the real Billy Idol, extraordinary and sensible artist! And of course behind a beautiful song we always find a fantastic story to tell.

Imagine an unconventional guy from Eastern Europe. He is a mason, and at 26 years he will soon marry his girlfriend, ten years younger. He nicknames her “Sweet Sixteen”. But the day before the wedding, the girls breaks with him. He loses any reason to live, and finally migrates to America. After some time he arrives in Florida and buys a grass field. In the field, he works for more than 25 years, alone, allowing nobody to see him. And he literally builds what is today a turistical landmark, the “Coral Castle“. It’s a park with buildings and things that he built completely alone. More than 1,000 tons of stone that he moved and crafted alone.

So, this “Coral Castle” was his tribute to his “Sweet Sixteen”, whom he continued to love through the years. We need to say that, despite this overwhelming love proof, she did not come back to him, but maybe too many years had gone by.

This is a true story: and in the first frames of the video we can see the man who built the Coral Castle for her love! Billy Idol shot some photos at this landmark, and the photos are exposed at the entrance of the Coral Castle. Years later, many years later, after recording this song inspired by this weird love story, Billy Idol revealed that this hit was his love tribute for a girlfriend – when they were sixteen – who broke his heart and left him. Isn’t this a great story???

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