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Everybody’s song

Communards – Never can say goodbye

“Never can say goodbye” means the typical song that everybody heard at least once in their lifetime. In fact 30 years ago, end of October 1987, Communards and Jimmy Somerville (after dismantling the Bronski Beat, where we knew him as Jimi), released their second album,

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Should have been a director

The Communards – You are my world

“You are my world” shows us how Jimmy Somerville was definitely a fantastic singer, both with Bronski Beat and with Communards, but look at his videos! He got talent! I mean, he could as well be a great director! Absolutely stylish art!!!

And we must remember that Communards released this song in late 1985.

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The Minister of Energy

The Communards – Don’t leave me this way

When Communards released “Don’t leave me this way”, December 1986 was flowing slowly, yet it was going unstoppable towards a very welcomed Xmas. Music was always exceptional, we had plenty of fantastic songs and videos. And there he was; quite and shy at first sight,

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