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Being Robert Smith

The Cure – Why Can’t I Be You?

Being Robert Smith… or perhaps not? In April 1987, The Cure, one of the most innovative and beloved bands of the ’80s, were poised to release their seventh album. Titled Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me,

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A scary 80s lullaby

The Cure – Lullaby

The Cure released Lullaby in April 1989, about one month before the release of their new album Disintegration. This album is overall dark and upsetting. That was probably not a good period for the band. Members quarreled and fought with each other,

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Uncommon love

The Cure – Lovesong

Ok, we know that when we talk about Robert Smith and the Cure, nothing can really be common! “Lovesong” reached the market at the end of Summer 1989, about four months after the release of “Lullaby“, which introduced the new album “Disintegration”.

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